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Want to save on shipping?  

If you are in the local area (currently--Tashkent, Uzbekistan), contact us and we can print here at our house for you.

We can print up to 16x24”.  We print on Premium Luster, acid and lignin free photograph paper.  We love this paper because it is “the best” in our eyes and helps beautify and preserve the photo.  Acid and lignin are elements that cause photographs and papers to turn yellow over the years; hence, the reason why we spend extra for acid and lignin-free photograph paper.  

Our photos come with a                        watermark (in one of the four corners).  Photography is an art and this is our way of signing the picture.

All prints--4x6", 8x12”, 12x18”, and 16x24”, will have a 1/8” white border.  The border not only makes the picture pop, it protects the photograph too.  The size of the actual picture is 4x6”, 8x12” 12x18”, and 16x24”, however, adding the 1/8” border adds a ¼”.  Meaning, if you order an 8x12” print, you will receive an 8 ¼ x 12 ¼” print.  This is good to know when purchasing frames.  We personally enjoy "floating" picture frames.  Simple wooden frame with glass on each side.  When the photo is sandwiched between the glass it literally looks as if it is floating.  

"Local Only" Print Prices

4x6” = $3ea.

8x12” = $15ea.

12x18” = $33ea.

16x24” = $57ea.

* Prints will be ready within 24 hours unless otherwise informed

* Paper:  premium luster

* Printer:  Canon Pro-1000

* Please contact us: with any questions


How did we come up with the prices?

We charge 15¢ per square inch and round to the nearest dollar.  Example: a 16x24” picture is 384 square inches, 384 multiplied by 15¢ equals $57.60; after rounded--$57.

Why do we only offer the aforementioned sizes?  We shoot photos using a 3:2 aspect ratio.  "3" is the width and "2" is the height.  3:2 is the classic 35mm format and what the majority of Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras use.  A common 4x6” (6" wide and 4" tall) photo is a great example of the 3:2 ratio.  If you were to crop an 4x6” into an 3x5” you remove detail, which can drastically change the photo.  The larger the print, the more detail is lost.  What a terrible thing to do when so much work was put into the striking shot to begin with, right?  Attention to detail was factored into our photos from corner to corner (every square inch).  

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